What makes any trip a memorable one?

Orgyen Guru Rinpochoe statue located at Takila

A trip to good old memories with old good friends does makes a man realize he has grown up!


On the 10th day of the fifth month of Lunar calendar, Buddhist all over the world mark as a birth anniversary of Great Buddhist master Orgyen Guru Rinpochoe. He is considered and well addressed as a second Buddha. He is a great one because he was a “Lotus Born man” in Dhanakosha lake and has been to most of the Himalayan countries, profoundly Tibet, Bhutan, India and Nepal.

According to his shortend biography(ཨྱོན་པད་མའི་བཀའ་ཐང་བསྡུས་པ)

He has:
Eight life giving father;
Eight mothers who conceived him;
Eight emanated sons;
Eight destinations;
Eight dwelling places;
Eight masters whom he followed;
Eight yidam visions;
Eight signs of accomplishment;
Eight great charnel ground;
Eight disciples who hold his lineage;
Eight solitary places;
Eight favoured consorts;
Eight enlightened deeds;
Eight hidden treasure sites;
Eight profound practice lineages;
Eight treasure-reveallers, lord of Dharma.
Source: CST prayer book

During this day, it is believed that if one does good things like offering butter lamp, it’s merit is multiplied into millions. On the other hand, if one committed a sin , it multiplies into millions which leads one to hell after death. Most Buddhist basically does a good merit on such days. Commonly, people go to temples, Teschu ( tenth-day festival), and old ones circumambulate stupas (Choetoen). Doing this feel oneself blessed and happy.

So does many, I went to Rawbee Goenpa to witness the mask dances performed on that day annually. Since it is the birth anniversary of Guru Rinpochoe, the main mask dance is Guru Tsengye which means mask dances of the Eight manifestation of Guru Rinpochoe himself. I was extremely happy that I got to witness mask dances and been to Rawbee Goenpa after a very long time since my childhood.

I went along with my mother and some of my friends of olden days, still the best and good ones. The journey was quite hazy and foggy. The roads are all muddy that no small cars could get through. We managed to go on foot till Goenpa. All was good till Dangling BHU, from there we had to walk uphill. The footpath are not cleared for man since nowadays people use cars. That was quite sad part. I could see paths covered with bushes and long grasses with leeches on the leaves stretching to get onto us. That was scary for some. I had a thought like with rural to urban settlement, rural areas are turning in jungle alike which is actually fulfilling our one of the term constitution to keep 65% of land to be under forest cover.

We reached there at around 9 in the morning and was able to witness the mask dances. As I said I met many of my primary mates and some relatives. Tha was mesmerizing that we all changed but happy that we could still recognize and remember how we used to be. I missed being and studying in Dangling Community Primary School which later changed to Dangling Primary School.

View of Rawbee Goenpa

The moment I reached there I could see a lot of changes. Everything was changed and I can’t describe as well. Short of vocabulary LOL. Anyways the one you see is the newly constructed temple. How you like that! Isn’t that beautiful?

Inside the newly constructed Lhakhang(Temple)
View of Guru Rinpochoe statue from Rawbee Goenpa(Shot on VIVO ).

This is one of the biggest Guru Rinpochoe statue in Bhutan founded by late Khenpo Karpo Rinpochoe.

View of Zhungkhar village (Hometown)

It is my village and yeah it’s green and beautiful. It is called Zhungkhar located under Lhuntse Dzongkhag in Menbi Gewog. Read more..

We took lunch packed from home but we were given a lunch from there to all the people who came to witness Mask Dances. That was sort of blessings to us, ordinary farmers from Rinpochoe Lama Rinzin Lhoyang. Thank you for everything your holiness. I tried to write piece about the Goenpa but it will be quiet risky for myself if I couldn’t get all the information or misinterpreted. Therefore, I am sorry about it if you are waiting to know about the Goenpa.

The return journey was not that good to share to all here in public. A hint: it was around 6 PM in the evening and was already dark. Things happened a lot that I couldn’t even reach home back that night. This is something that I will share personaly if you wish to. Nevertheless, nothing big mistake happened or encountered. It was all due to the -OH group that we study in Chemistry.

A note and summary from him. He was happy that he got to visit the Goenpa after long time and met his old good friends. He says the day was blessed with no rain all because of the prayers of Lama Rinpochoe. He wants any reader to do visit the Goenpa once because what he wrote was all he could describe. He has left many scenic views and history about the Goenpa. He assures that you will not regret once you been there. On top of that he thanks the Goenpa family for helping his villagers when in need to perform rituals and aspire to work together to uphold the pure and kind Bhuddhism in the region, as a whole.

World we live should be taken care by ourselves. May sentient beings (us) free from this world and born in Zangdopelri Zhingkham under Orgyen Guru Rinpochoe.

Sonam is quite famous name. Why?

Over the Himalaya range

Who is going abroad ? Why? When? How? Those are the questions that villagers would ask. It is common and legit that they raise such questions. It’s been almost a year that happened, still my mind always carries those memories and anxiety I had.

I got an opportunity to study abroad. That’s a great one and congratulations was all I received on my messenger and Wechat . I couldn’t even covered all to reply instantly but I tried to thank them for their appreciation. I was placed in southern Gujarat in a city called Surat, the fourth cleanest city in India. Sadly, I was all alone and seems will be graduating all alone from there. That’s the sad part. No matter, I got many Indian friends and classmates who are really helpful to me. Why? Why?

I wondered for quite a lot. Finally, my roommate Akshit told me “you are quite famous and everyone wants to be friends with you “. How is that possible since I don’t know anyone as such. To my surprise he said “Your name is supposed to be name of girl in India”. I laughed and he shared many things covering some topics about actress Sonam Kapoor. And I got Sonam is a name of girl in India.

The face I resemble and of their is totally different which made them to stare at me. That was so scary at first and now got used to it. By the way I was not alone, I was accompanied by one of my friend by fate from Nepal Aman Mandal who is very kind and caring. He and his father cared and helped me on the way till college that very first time. Thank God that you sent them to help me. I was looked after by Nepalese seniors studying there, especially one named Yangish Bhai whose face is similar to we Bhutanese.

Most importantly, I want to share this. I was really afraid and completely upset that I left my country on the 21st of July 2019. That was the moment that I would never forget in my life. At one point so excited to explore and see how is New Delhi the capital of India. My flight to Ahemdabad was scheduled at 1300 IST from Indra Gandhi International Airport Terminal 2D. Unfortunately, our Drukair landed in Terminal 3 and I got blank for a while and worried.

Yes, I was worried and my whole family and relatives was. That actually made me realize only family matters no matter what. One fun fact : My brother was worried that how I will get to Terminal 2D and I replied I will go by walking. Isn’t that funny? Actual fact was it takes around 20 minutes from Terminal 3 to 2D by bus. I knew he was right and I was wrong. That’s why he is brother.

You all will never believe that I was most lucky, fortunate or destined to get there. On my travel to Terminal 2D I met one Indian whose profession is a teacher involuntarily helped me and told how I should feel and act upon I shared my story of getting scholarship. I was told not to give workers outside to airport to carry your luggage. If so they will charge you for that. I got into there and done with necessary check-in all by myself. Yes I did. I had a video call with family whilst I waited for around two hours before flight to Sardar Patel International Airport Ahemdabad. There I tried and explored many thing.

Most terrible feeling I had was when I am about to land at Ahemdabad airport. I took Indigo flight, one of best and expensive domestic air operator all over India. I waited for around 30 minutes waiting for my luggage at baggage belt number _. I was really worried what will happen next and who will pick me up once I get out of the gate. Really worried and it started to intensify gradually.

“Choe Bhutanese ena” I heard from somewhere. Ahhh…overwhelmed and deep inside my heart filled with joy and tears nearly rolled from my eyes. Unintentionally, I replied “Gila Ata”.Really happy that three of my brothers who saved my journey are also from easternbhutan.Three of them are always in my heart and will always be grateful for helping and guiding all they could. They are Ata Namgyey (B.E Chemical Engineering ), Ata Pema and Ata Karma (B. E Electrical Engineering) in final year.

They guided me leaving their classes behind and helped me all they could and I am really grateful Ata’s. You three are my Godfather. That night was really tiresome with a surrounding of temperature 40 degrees plus. That was hard to bear since I have been living in below 30 degre Celsius. I was given a fan by my brothers and that helped me though.

Next day they took me to a ICCR Regional Office and done with all the necessary formalities. There I met Aman Mandal, a Nepalese friend I mentioned earlier. From then on I was guided by him and his father till Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology Surat (SVNIT).

SVNIT Surat-395007 Campus

Most difficulty I had face was with the language. I don’t know any Hindi neither Nepali. That made me remind to tell you always learn some foreign language because anything happens in our life. One we never think of comes in surprise. That’s when we must be well prepared and confident.

That’s all with all my journey to India from my home country Bhutan. I would like to thank all who have been involved in my safe journey to India and you beautiful reader.

Ana Kencho who treats me like her own brother ❣️

Do a good turn daily

How season Changes in Zhungkhar? #hometown(Bhutan🇧🇹)

It has been my wish to write something about my hometown. Remember you beautiful reader, not my village. This is something that we know already but never observe. Things can’t be true without some things to support what you say. This is the era we live in and yeah it is. Everyone believes about it but handful of handsome one does.

This is my hometown( Gangkhar) photographed on December 16th 2019

December, yeah I clearly stated and if you don’t think so click on the image and zoom in. Okay, I see you believed in me( Thank you). It was a chilly winter where nights are long and daylights are nearly eleven hours. Things are totally different than other season as people don’t do work as that of mid-summer. Morning and nights we spend most of time near the oven(fire). It is because in the morning there will be frost seemingly snowed. In the night, a cold winter breeze from the North where you got to use hot water even to wash your hand.

Oh oh! I forgot to brief about my village. This whole village name is called Zhungkhar where we have around 60 plus households located in Menbi Gewog under Lhuntse Dzongkhag. That’s quite remote but proud that the world’s largest Guru Rinpochoe statue is just near our village. Our or I should say my village is in between two streams commonly called Baygangchu. It is said that both streams have same source believed to have a lake there. Sounds obsolete.

Photographed on 25th of June 2020

Yoo! Don’t get annoyed that I uploaded the same photo. At one point you are right, but don’t forget the topic I am pressing on. It’s How season changes?. How you like that? Isn’t that so green that you would wish to be an animal so that that you would like to enjoy green and fresh watery grasses. I know how you feel. You already wowed on it.

Don’t get into it so fast just by observing. It is summer season and this is the most toughest and hatred season of all farmers. Why? Why? Why? Let me just brief on basis of my observation and knowledge being in this village for last teenage. It is the time where people wake up early-early in the morning from 4 am. This is when paddy cultivation(ལྕང་ལཱ) are going on and transplantation of chilli, weeding of maize fields. Their day starts from 4 am in the morning, we call Drola (དྲོ་ལཱ) and reaches home late at 7-8 pm.

Remember, in every village most of the households do have own cattles and horses. One man has to play with them all day despite having our own work. Actually, in the past few years before when there were no farm roads horses are most helpful. Nowadays people don’t suffer much. Summer season in my village is really terrible with down pouring of rain all day and wherever you step into, there will always be a mud or leeches. That’s scary.

Summer and winter are the only two seasons I could see and share full description. Those two untold season Autumn and Spring are just a season to think and listen from parents and villagers. During Spring, they sow the seeds( rice, maize,chilli…) and do dig the paddy fields. While in Autumn, it is a season to harvest like students have result declaration day. Their is not a day, it’s a month long harvesting of maize, rice, beans… By the end of spring we starts herding cattles and by the end of Autumn it is when we don’t have to look after the cattles.

I really would like to explore Spring and Autumn personally, but no way that a man has his own duty and time. I haven’t observe the environment here in my village since I pass out from Dangling Primary School. That’s a sad story.

People of my village are really hardworking and we appreciate within. One good thing about my village, every outsider who visited always had said they like our village and we are proud! Proud! Or maybe myth, but we believe what they say and respect people’s (visitors) voice.

I got some of the photos I took when I been last winter and now. Sorry that you have to go through my poor photography skills, still then bear with it.

Last shot on 29th of December 2019 (Winter)
Recent shot: 18th June 2020 (Summer)

Above two pictures are the one we had hosted prayer flags(Lungdhar-རླུང་དར) at one and only place Paytsekarpo last winter. This is most renowned place among the cow herders since we used to play a lot there. This place has got leeches everywhere. Awe I started remembering how we spent there.

Real Zhungkhar Dated: 24th December 2019 (Winter)

This is called main Zhungkhar (མ་ཡུལ) village where we have one Nagtshang. The village that you see on the other side is called Dangling. This is the place where Dangling Primary School is located.

My hometown Gangkhar (Summer)

It is my home! home! Where I belong and aged till now. I have many memories and I don’t get to stay here like before. Like I state before a man has a purpose so does his own duty. The profile of this house changes yearly because my mom got many plan and my father got to follow her wish. Joke aside ’cause you have been on this page for some minutes now.

Sister Namkha and myself @raro(ར་རོ་ཆོས་རྟེན)

Here is the beautiful and kindest, my sister. It was photographed while we came home last week ago. By the way do we resemble same look? I am handsome right? LOL. She is pretty not handsome. Oh I forgot, she is handsomely beautiful.

They are always on fire ( Nephew and Niece)

I can’t describe this two naughty chipmunks kiddos. They are so cute that I can’t wait to see them grow and glow. I just want them to be good human to the self and others. Especially look after my sister and their parents. That’s the only wish their Ajang (uncle) has.

View of Zhungkhar village from Neibii (Just behind the World’s largest Guru statue)

Woah!!! I wrote a lot. I took photos and shared here not to praise the people in the photos or my photography skills. I just wanted to jot down all the thoughts that I engage while I am alone. Forever alone. Jotting down reliefs my weight on my shoulder.

Remember to always follow your passion despite what you are assigned to do.

You are beautiful and I love you until you visit next time❣️

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